Happy November!

What. A. Week.  No other way to put it!  We have the Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon, 11-11 Portal, AND it’s the US Midterm Election Tuesday! 

I add the fact of an election this week because its energy is a huge shifting point for the Collective.  What happens with the United States sets the stage for the rest of the World.  This is how it was designed, so watch and see.  This election ties into the Eclipse energy.

Physical Symptoms to be felt are dizziness, third eye pressure, sinus issues, throat pressure, heart palpitations, heavy chest, nausea, stomach upset, change in appetite, extreme fatigue, lucid dreaming, “crazy” dreams (which can be linked to your Akashic Records, and messages from your Guides), and general anxiety.  GROUND OUTSIDE.  SALT BATHS.  Alkaline water.  High vibrational foods.  Solitude.  Those will all help your physical body!

The need to keep your energy field clear is important.  As lightworkers, our souls are working heavily on our individual missions.  This can overflow into the physical body.  Pay extra attention to your body!  Some of you may need to move more to push the energy through faster, while others may need to solely rest.  There is a grander strategy to what you have been experiencing and witnessing.  Trust in the Divine Plan.  However, the need to STAND IN YOUR POWER is strong this week!  Use your voice, and never give in.

United We Stand.  Divided We Fall.

We have more support than we can see.  Anchor into God’s energy when you need extra strength.  We are just about there.

It is a good idea to mildly prep, for the sake of being human.  There will be little bumps to come.  Nothing we can’t handle.  Nothing that sticks.  DO NOT fall for old matrix divisional tactics.  They do not serve us.  ALWAYS feel from your Intuition first.

What does your gut say?  What are your Guides trying to communicate?  Remember, the high vibrational realms NEVER make you doubt, fear, or worry.  If that is what you’re getting, or feeling, that is most certainly not a high vibrational being communicating.  Confirmation of Guardian Angel communication can generally be felt with tingles in the crown chakra, or legs.  Their energy brings heat and comfort.  They always guide you towards your highest timeline.

We got this.


Sending Light,