Happy Tuesday!

Balance, intuition, and rest are the energies of the week.

In order to regain our balance, we need solitude time to rest and re-connect.  If you feel yourself falling into an anxious state, your physical body will not function as properly.  In turn, you will become overly fearful and drop your vibration.  In order to prevent that from happening, one MUST allow time to meditate and sit in your own energy field, alone.  That is where you get clarity.  That is where peace resides.  That is where your answers are found.  Without distractions or triggers.  Your guided intuition is key.

The Collective is working on processing, and releasing, the grief associated with letting go of the old matrix systems and what felt like “comfort and security”.  If you are getting any waves of sadness, or over emotions, you could be picking up on that energy.  If you are a lightworker, then you are also transmuting this energy and sending it back out into the collective earth grid.  This will pass.  But letting go is needed to move forward.

Your Guides are asking you to play!  Be silly!  Dance around the house and be goofy.  Let that inner child step in more.  If you have children, make this a fun afternoon!  This is important for healing, lightening your field, and allowing energy to move through you.  Dancing is one of the best things for your lower chakras!

As always, listen to what your body is asking for.  It is common this week to have waves of nausea, appetite changes or irregularities, and stomach upset.  We are stepping more into our Solar Plexus chakra, which is personal power.  Wear yellow and eat yellow foods to assist.  Most importantly, do not give your power away for a single second!

Sometimes you need to pull back to get the clearest picture.  Be patient, stay focused, allow yourself breaks, and never give up.  

With the 11/11 portal, we jumped to another higher timeline.  Both as a collective and many individually.       Can you feel it?


Sending Light,