Happy New Moon!

While tapping into the Energy read for this week, Archangel Raphael is Present.  He is communicating that much Healing is taking place for many of you!  You will feel this mostly in your Heart Space, which could feel like pressure in your chest.  He’s asking you to be easy on yourself, and those around you.

I am hearing there are some hostilities directed at you by family or friends.  Please remain patient, but stand up for yourself!  Boundaries are important at this time.  The feminine Energy, in particular, is too much in their headspace this week.  The Angels are asking everyone to lead with your Intuition, not your mind.  That is key.  

They are showing me once you have completed this current Healing process, the door is open to so much personal abundance.  “The world is your oyster” your Angels are saying.  Anything is possible with the new energy coming in!  Set your intentions, and keep the visual in mind.  You can achieve it!

The energy for this week is strong!  Keep your personal energy field clear.  Ground yourself if the energy feels too intense for you.  Meditate.


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Sending So Much Love & Light To You