Happy Full Moon!

With this week’s energy, you may feel a rapid cleanse and release of what’s been stagnant around you.  It will redirect many situations to illuminate what people have chosen not to see.  This forces many into major tower moments.  Emotions may be all over the board because of this.  The need to ground, cleanse, and speak your true feelings are necessary!

A burn and release letter is always a good idea with the full moon energy!  Ask your Angels and Guides for help.

We need to listen to our bodies now.  There is a lot of “rebooting” taking place for our physical selves.  We may experience extreme fatigue, feel restless overnight, vivid dreams, lightheadedness or spaciness, third eye pressure, increased hunger, stomach discomfort, back pain or soreness, and “flu like” symptoms.  Remember to give yourself extra TLC, it’s needed!

We have increased our intuition as a collective.  This means you may start to pick up on more energy than you are used to.  Don’t fear.  Try to discern where the energies are coming from and in which frequency they reside.  Your Guides are always giving you signs and symbols.  They lead the way through our “random thoughts”, dreams, and how our bodies react to certain things.  Pay attention to what your body is telling you.  We often have physical reactions to all forms of energy that we cannot see with the human eye.  Take notes if you need to.  Get an angel card deck to use at home.  Meditate and ask questions.  Now is the time to learn!

Remember- Frequency will become all forms of currency.  (It already is, but this will dramatically expand!)

We are Co-creators of the universe.  Tap into that Power for the good of humanity!

With Love & Light,


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