Happy Winter/Summer Solstice!

TRANSFORMATION… this week is ALL about timelines!  We are manifesting our timeline as we go.  Contributing factors include karmic ties, karmic lessons, soul contracts, power decisions made, current frequency, and your soul’s energy.  

For anyone who is residing in fear and have not stood in their power, they are choosing a lower vibrational timeline as their outcome.  When I say frequency is your currency, I truly mean literally!  Keep your energy clear, and your MIND clear.  This is the key!

You may feel third eye and crown symptoms this week.  Ground or take a short walk outside if you feel anxious.

Our Angels and Guides are reminding to ASK for help and be patient.  Certain things unfold in Divine Order, even if we may not fully understand or be able to see the bird’s eye view.  All you need to focus on is YOUR personal frequency.  Don’t worry, doubt, or fear.

Wednesday will be a very powerful day for the Collective.  Not only are we releasing lifetimes of old dense timelines through our Akashic, but we are also absorbing newer frequencies into our fields.  This is an energy Mother Earth has not seen before.  She is Collectively pulling us into a high timeline, if we accept.  You are a co-creator of your world!  Do not forget that! 

Where do you choose to be going forward?  Use the Solstice Energy to visualize.  This will only amplify the energy you are sending into the universe.

Gaia is changing multiple facets of herself.  Time, pressure, density and light are ALL shifting.  Can you feel it? 

Are you ready for the next phase in this Ascension?  Have you done the work?  If your soul is of the Light, then there is ALWAYS room to evolve here.

It is YOUR choice what you do with it.  I have faith in you!

With Love & Light,