We hope you all had a beautiful Holiday last weekend!

This week we have a major collective clearing taking place.  We are in the beginning of mercury retrograde energy, which calls for a MAJOR cleanse.  To use this energy for your benefit, I would reorganize your space.  House, office, cars, and all paperwork! 

I don’t see mercury retrograde as an energy to fear.  While it is possible to have technical setbacks, I would just be vigilant when going over contracts, and car issues.

(I had many of you message me and ask what was going on with the energy over the weekend)..If over Christmas you felt “off” or felt “heavy” in any way, will share why!  My guides showed me energy clearing my soul was working on that leads back to the sacred spaces of Israel.  In turn, you may have felt the heavy energy lift from the space and clear out.  This was intentionally taking place on the Christmas Holiday for Divine reason.  I was guided to share a short explanation of why so many of you felt this, when it didn’t make sense to your physical life that day. If you did not feel this, then it was not needed for you to recognize, no worries!

If you could meditate tonight, and send all of mother earth’s beings emerald green healing light, and God’s white light, it would be wonderful for all of humanity!

The Collective is divided into various karmic groups, we shall say, that must be played out now.  You may see various people you know begin to experience this on their journey.  All that is needed of us is to hold space by sending light to them!  We cannot do anything in the physical to aid their ascension journey at this time.  Ground if you feel overwhelmed.  But know ALL is in Divine Order going forward.

As always, listen to what your body needs.  It varies for everyone.  Ascension symptoms may or may not be felt, depending.

I will do another check in after we begin 2023!

May you all stand in God’s Light.