Happy End of Mercury Retrograde!

What a chaotic energy we have been in for the past 2-3 weeks.  We are moving into the shadow phase of this energy the first half of this week.  This will relieve any confusion, over emotion, anxiety, and communication difficulties.

On the flip side of this, the unawakened ones are experiencing their towers (or entering major ones).  This always comes with heavy energy if you are around them.  It is important to keep clear boundaries, ground, and keep yourself balanced.  You are only responsible for YOU.  Your own thoughts, your own emotions, your own actions, your own spiritual work.  Separate than having young children, you CANNOT force another to do the work.  They need to recognize and come to it on their own.  Then decide for themselves they want to make the change.  Everyone is on their own journey.  If you feel people are projecting their issues onto you, you have two options.  You can communicate and clearly speak your truth, or you can hold space with distance.  This is part of BEING the Light!  

So much clearing of the low vibrational energy is taking place, more than I can describe in words.  Lightworkers have probably been feeling this as anxiety.  You were, and are, being asked to hold EXTRA Light while this was happening.  The shadow energy was looking to cause troubles for anyone who resides in this frequency space.  If you are in your power, there is no need to do anything differently.  I am just explaining for clearer understanding of WHY you may have felt a certain way lately. Take extra solitude time if this energy is stressing you.  Believe me, we all feel it!

Go inward this week.  Focus on YOU.  Do what brings you Joy, laughter, and peace.  This is how you stay balanced during the transition of 3D to 7D consciousness.  What a journey this is indeed.  

All things green this week!  Being in nature, wearing green, and releasing all that doesn’t align with your heart space.

We can and WILL do this together!


Sending Light,