Happy 2/2 Portal!

We have the heightened energies of the 2/2 Energy portal this week.  These days are always a big boost for our Ascension!  It’s the most powerful time to set intentions, meditate and visualize, and to forgive and release.  The universe helps you manifest what you focus on, more than usual!  With this portal you may feel dizziness, head pressure, third eye pressure, sinus irritation, heavy chest, stomach upset, and muscle aches.  Wear the coordinated colors of chakras to aid your physical self.

The general energy of this week is asking you to really use your intuition.  Lean on that for discernment purposes.  When you let things swirl around your head too long, your ego takes over.  This is what blocks your intuitive abilities.  The best way to practice is by repeatedly depending on your “gut” first and foremost.  I feel the ‘ego death’ is a theme right now.  You will be tested on this over and over before you level up.  Make sure you choose wisely and stay in your power.

Some of us need rest during this!  We are integrating, transmuting, and sending Light back into earth’s grid.  This is no easy task, but we signed up for it, and we will accomplish it.  Listen to your body and be patient!

The Collective is gearing up for a MASSIVE frequency jump.  Lightworkers will need to stay as balanced as possible to be able to do our jobs.  Hang in there, dear souls.

Sending Light,