Happy Monday!

There are SO many changes happening in our physical bodies, and within our Planet!  With our planets Ascension, our physical DNA strands are upgrading.  For those who are new to the topic of Ascension, there is so much involved in it.  These upgrades will be physically felt at this time.  You may feel: very fatigued, extra thirsty, random aches and pains that come and go, a heavy chest, and mild dizziness.  It’s important to have your physical self in tip top shape I’m hearing.  That is why it is so important to rest when tired, drink plenty of water, take walks or do yoga, stand in the grass with bare feet to ground yourself, get 20 minutes of sunshine a day.  These will help ease your ascension symptoms!  We are in the center of a very intense wave.

Your Angels are asking you to be Grateful and Appreciative for all that you do have.  Live and BE in the moment!  Many are too focused on concerns about the future, and not enough on what is right in front of you!  By anchoring yourself in Gratitude, you draw that of higher frequencies into your field.

I’m hearing have patience!  Many are too in their headspace telling the story that they are stuck and not getting anywhere.  Watch your thoughts and words, as they create your reality.  Meditate so you can get clarity.

This will be about as much as most can handle this week, as the energy is a lot on our bodies right now! I am sending Archangel Raphael’s Healing Green Energy to you all.

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Sending So Much Love & Light To You