Happy Full Moon!

Sunday started us off with the full moon in Leo this week.  This is the time to manifest!  Visualize what you’d like to bring into your life this year.  Where is your passion?  How can you let your creativity flow through you?  If you are having trouble, try a vision board!

Meditation, patience, and unconditional love are especially important now!  You need meditation for discernment purposes, patience for the process and journey of life, and unconditional love for all of God’s creations.  Send Light to the entire Collective this week.  Many will need the energetic support moving forward.  The energy already feels very anxious and uneasy.  Perhaps their higher selves are trying to give them a “heads up”, even if they do not want to see it.  Running from your awakening is no longer an option.  If one chooses not to ascend, you will not be able to stay in this earth space.  You will move on to another 3D form for schooling.  It is how it is!

Ascension symptoms will vary, but the need for rest is critical.  Always listen to your body.  It’s designed to self-heal.  It just needs the support!

This new energy flowing thorough needs us to organize and allow space for what’s to come!  Maybe do a little “spring cleaning” this month.  March has a whole new vibration!

It’s possible to meet new members of your soul family, or a romantic soul mate, right now!  Keep your antennas up and give yourself the space to do so.  

This is a beautiful Light shining upon us.  Utilize it for the highest timeline possible!

Sending Light,