Happy Valentine’s Day!

What an energy we are in!  It is a beautiful transformation I see.  It is important to stay GROUNDED this week!  Balance is the key word.

A group of the Collective is feeling heavy as they struggle to release their ego self.  They will be met with more challenges.   Another group is really taking in high frequency light, which may trigger some physical symptoms in your upper chakras especially.  If you are a Lightworker, this is extreme this week.  We are also very protected and supported by our star families (and/or off world help).

Pay attention to your higher self and what they are guiding you on now.  There is SO MUCH about to be revealed to the world.  Humanity wasn’t ready before now.  Some still aren’t ready, but the time is now.  Grounding and balance are the only way to stay stable during this reveal.  For your frequency determines it all.  One must be at a certain level in order to process and evolve with this reveal.  

Take plenty of walks.  Pay attention to nature.  Look up at the sky.  Focus on your energy.  Feel your soul’s guidance.

Practice Gratitude now.  Appreciate who you are and how far you’ve come.  Give yourself a pat on the back for having the courage to take this course and be here to aid Earth in the Ascension Process.  This battle has not been easy.  This transition has not been easy.  But look at us taking it on!

You may feel lightheaded, loopy, headaches, head pressure, third eye pressure, throat irritation, and a heavy chest.  This is normal when we absorb and transmute the Light.  It is crucial for us to Ascend.  Rest and solitude help!

Given that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, February is known as the month of Love!  Be in Love with yourself, in love with life, and do something special for YOU first and foremost. Celebrate with your kids, your partner, and if you’re single keep space for a soulmate 😉

Sending Light,