Happy New Moon in Pisces!

Being that Pisces is a water sign, it is connected to our emotions.  This means we will most likely energetically be purging any emotions that need to be released this week.  Allow these feelings to come up and out.  Honor them and let it all go.  This is how we heal and move forward in a new cycle.  Clearing your energy and staying hydrated are necessary this week!

Some notes for the week include: creating a daily schedule to focus on your basic needs for growth, getting in tune with your own intuition, feeding your spiritual self, and making any decisions out of unconditional love for both you and those involved. These help close out karmic cycles.

I am getting that the entire Collective is going to feel it within every chakra this week!  Your crown, solar plexus, and sacral may feel the most intense during this energy blast.  Stay connected with a maternal like energy, if you can.  It will help you stay grounded and balanced.  If you cannot connect in that way with anyone around you, nurture yourself!  As always, I am here to guide you through this entire process, as well.

You’re going to need to rely heavily upon your intuitive abilities and your spirit self, going forward.  Discernment is key.  Practice your gifts this week!  You ALL have it, just in various forms.

There are many ‘material flips’ I see on their way.  The timing may vary a bit, but the energy is swirling around the globe and within our consciousness.  Keep this in the back of your mind.

Rest and be in solitude to regain balance, if needed.

I am sending extra Light!