Happy Monday!

This energy is WILD!  You may feel the weight of it.  It is also expected to be emotional, exhausted, dehydrated, and itchy this week.

We are in a bit of a vortex feel with the energy shifts.  As we continue to Ascend, we will feel the changes within the elements as well.

Anything that does not resonate within a 5D energy space, MUST GO.  With this, some of you can probably sense some lower frequencies lurking around.  Anything that thrived in a 3D field, is up swirling around to be released.  Those lower energies will be pulled to move elsewhere.  As this happens, do not let anything trigger your ego.  You may see some of that within the Collective this week.

Keep clearing your energy, including Sage!  Take notes of any dreams you remember.  Meditate to connect with your inner knowing.  Let emotions flow up and out.  Make time for solitude every day. Pay attention to the signs you’re seeing.  Stay in your power!

Various chakras may feel affected this week.  The crown, third eye, and solar plexus the most!  Wear your gems, and sleep with them under your pillow and next to your bed.  Our energy fields need the extra support.

We have to let this transition take place, while staying balanced.  If you’re reading this, you are ready.  March is going to be very intense with many changes.  Hang in there!

Sending Light,



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