Happy March!

Happy Full Moon in Virgo this week!  There are many Karmic loops closing, and soul contracts being released, for the Collective at this time.  Combine that with the Full Moon, we are really feeling the new energy of Spring!

This Full Moon is from March 6-7th.  It calls for us to tidy up!  Release anything that is cluttering our life, physically or otherwise.  Virgo is the house of daily routines and proper healthcare.  Invest in yourself!  Our physical vessels need the extra attention during this shift.  Follow your body.

Generosity, visualization, and personal boundaries feel like the themes of the week!

Ascension symptoms have been very strong with the frequency pulses being sent to earth now.  Some of us may feel it differently for various reasons.  As a Collective, we are purging through our Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras.  Don’t be surprised if you have digestion issues, heartburn, appetite changes, extreme thirst, sore or tight throat, or itchy skin.  

Humanity is choosing to take our power back!  We are releasing old timelines, with lower vibrational frequencies, and anything energetically that doesn’t serve our highest good now.

This may result in anxiety for some as their level of consciousness cannot handle these changes coming.  That is their journey, and we need to hold space with white light and non-judgment.  

The energy of Virgo’s full moon this week is performing a ‘purification sweep’ for the entire planet.  Expect things to ramp up after this!

It is most important to hold joy in your heart and allow the energy of laughter and silliness to come through!

Sending Light,