Happy Monday!

OK, this week we are going to have to utilize all the energy tricks we’ve been talking about for a while.  The energy feels a bit ‘goofy’ and intense.  Clear your energy, speak your boundaries, ground outside, and ask your Guides & Angels for help.

BALANCE is the word of the week.  This a global energy read, but it will also hit people individually.  It will be illuminated where you are out of alignment and force a shift.  The runners can no longer run!

Really focus on YOUR energy.  Stand in your power, move your energy or rest when needed, allow some me time, and do all of these things guilt free.  Ascension symptoms can be felt from the heart chakra up this week.  Your head may feel a bit ‘out of it’.  Drink plenty of water, limit caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods at this time.

If you are one who has truly worked on keeping your ego under control, then there is something to celebrate in the energy this week!  If you are one who is still struggling with that, then there will be universal tests now.

Listen to your soul.  What is it trying to tell you?  There is much to learn in the stillness and quiet…


Much Love,