Happy Spring Equinox!  Happy Astrological New Year!

WOW, what an energy this is!  Spring and the true new year brings New Earth FAST.  Expect MANY global changes, family dynamic shifts, physical symptoms, and energy transfers.

The timelines are clearly split, and many have made soul level decisions as to whether or not they will stay on earth for the full ascension journey.  Many souls are simply too young and are not able to experience this yet.  There are some souls who have chosen this life as a ‘dark life’, so they are not permitted to continue on earth (also for karmic reasons).  Which leaves the group that can go either way but won’t be able to take in the higher frequencies.  The energy will just be too much for them and they will choose to leave.  We can only hold space for others.

The focus this week needs to be on manifesting OUR highest vibrational timeline.

Ascension symptoms are incredibly strong right now.  Sinus problems, chest congestion, stomach upset/vomiting, dehydration, sleep distruption/needing extra rest, and feeling the collective energy are all a part of this.  GROUND, SHIELD, SLEEP AND MEDITATE!

Vivid dreams are WILD with this!  You may be tapping into your Akashic Records, so you are pulling energy to help you in this life somehow, whether it’s to release or utilize for mastery.  You may also be connecting with what your Astral body is doing when your physical body is sleeping.  There may be interpretations needed, so take notes when you wake up.  Date them.  Go back for reference.  Book a Private Reading if necessary.

Things are hitting us from ALL angles!  YOU CHOSE TO BE HERE.  You CAN do this.  New Earth is nothing short of magic 🙂


Sending Light,