Happy Monday!

You may feel a wide variety of Ascension symptoms this week.  Many will be felt from the Heart Chakra up to your crown. Vivid dreams are very common, write them down. This is why balance is needed!  We must ground, clear, and shield ourselves every day, as much as we need.  

Since the timelines are clearly split within the collective, people’s circumstances will vary based on the frequency they are in.  Some may be experiencing tower moments and major family dynamic shifts like we’ve talked about.  Some may have an opportunity to begin their true life’s work now.  Some may get to expand their soul’s work.  We will witness a range of things happening. These are intense times, but very exciting!

This is why boundaries will need to be strong now.  We have to follow our own intuition and not allow others to sway us.  They are not on our journey, frequency, or circumstance.  You need to follow your guidance and do what is right for YOU.  Others may not understand, but they don’t need to.  You need to be OK with standing in your power regardless.  That is a part of this Journey we are all on.

Mother Earth is really speeding up the ascension process for humanity.  The intensity will only get stronger mainly through July, and then we will feel a tiny relief to adjust.  Gaia has had enough of anything that doesn’t resonate in the 5D frequency space.  Which means we will all be challenged rather quickly to level up!

If you’re reading this, then you have more than likely been working on your frequency already.  This will make it much easier for you!

As the energy beams become stronger, the BEST thing to do is LAUGH!  We need to lighten up our personal selves in order to make this more enjoyable.  Taking it all way too seriously will not be helpful.  Let your silly side show, especially with your kids!  They mirror your energy ;)

Sending Light,