Happy April!

Buckle up Ladies and Gentlemen! The first week of the month brings ALL SORTS of energy!  We have the 4/4 Portal tomorrow, the Full Moon in Libra on 4/5, and continued ‘solar flares’ all week.

Some say solar flares, I just refer to it as high frequency light beams.  It has been happening strongly for over a week now.  They were incredibly intense!  This is why people felt SO tired.  Our bodies needed to relax in order to integrate this frequency into our physical selves.

In addition to that, we have a collective clearing of ALL low vibrational energy through all of Earth’s time as a being, across all timelines.  This is purging through our Akashic records, which means we will likely feel it in our throat chakras.  You may feel a tightening of the throat, pressure, or irritation. Wear Light Blues to aid in this.  Salt baths will be needed for clearing.  This is an INTENSE process.  

Seek solitude, visualize the end result, and pray.  Make sure you do Light work on both yourself, and mother earth.  This is far greater than I can even put into words, per my Higher Self.

More changes within the Financial System loom around the Collective Energy this week.  I will post more in detail as I see it shift.

Remember, if you are reading this, then the ‘Political play stage’ is not for you.  Do not pay any attention to it.  The frequency is below where we are residing and using our energy.  It is for the unawakened.  It is to be used as a tower/catalyst for some.  There will be one ‘event’ after the next for this exact reason.  DO NOT seek answers about them, again, they are not for your benefit.  

There is something to celebrate this week when it comes to how we view Authority figures.  Something changes for the better, for people to see.

We have the energy of Easter in our fields as well.  Even if you do not honor this day yourself, it’s in the energy regardless.  One of new beginnings, fresh starts, and the reminder of our Sovereignty as individual beings.

Easter Blessings of Light to all,