Hello Magical Souls!

This weeks energy brings fast shifts for the collective!  We are in a highly charged state.  Physical symptoms may include: feeling spacy, pressure in your head, highly fatigued, anxiety, stomach upset, and feeling extra thirsty.

It is incredibly important to stand in your power!!  Speak your truth, stand your ground, and do not waver.  Bring more balance to your life where you feel it is needed now.  Stay grounded, drink plenty of water, try to get extra sleep, and eat clean.  Do not engage in arguments with friends, family, coworkers, or anyone on social media. This is a very polarized time.  Everyone is at different frequencies, therefore communication will be difficult.  Some simply will not hear you or where you are coming from.  Do not take this personally.  Understand that the polarization is what makes these great shifts in consciousness.  Keep your own vibration high.  Hold space for others.  Meditate.  We are in the most intense upgrade this Earth has ever experienced, so have patience!

I am available for personal Individual Readings!  Book one today if you feel it is needed.

Sending Much Love & Light to you all!