~Happy Memorial Day~

Magical Souls- this week has a very intense feel about it.  Expect major shifts, revelations and awakenings!  Lightworkers, this is your time to shine.

I am guided we all need to keep our energy fields clear.  Allow extra downtime to process everything happening within and around us.  Don’t forget to ask the Archangels and your personal Guides for help!

Our crown chakras are expanding more than ever.  Do not be alarmed if you feel “spacey”, or extra tired.  Wear purple gems to help with this.  You may also feel ‘flu or cold like’ symptoms as we fully Ascend out of the old matrix space.  Rest and nourish with high vibrational foods and water!

The Collective will be entering a grieving process with this energy.  Humanity needs to heal and let go of the old world in order to move forward.  Some may have a hard time with this process.  This is required in order to bring full balance back to this dimension.  

Lightworkers and starseeds within families will need to anchor in and be patient.  You signed up to hold the space and keep the calm.  Remember that.

This Ascension process is certainly not an easy one, and we are on a whole new level now.  Hang tight!

333, 444, 7777


Sending Extra Love & Light,